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TS server back Online

Hi guys, The server is back Online, you can connect to it by adding the port :4175 behind the address or use one of the buttons at the right to connect to the server. -KingHawk

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Attacked once again…

We were back online for 4 days and already getting attacked with a DDoS again. Now I can’t go back online till we find a way to stop or counter the attacks so this might take a while. If there isn’t

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We’re back online! but for how long?

Hi guys, The TeamSpeak Server is back online for now. Still no word from the attacker on why he attacked, neither did I receive any other hints or tips. I have blocked all TeamSpeak Trackers I can find, just in

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Getting attacked for hosting AbsoluteTeamSpeak

Hi guys, As you know the TeamSpeak server is offline, this is because of a SYN flood DDoS attack. It’s finally kind of clear that the reason for attacking my network is hosting this TeamSpeak server. I’m not sure why someone

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Down-time caused by attack

It looks like someone keeps attacking my network. I have no idea why or for what reason but for some reason he/she wants my home to be offline. Sorry about any inconvenience caused, sadly there is nothing I can do

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Forcing the latest TeamSpeak client version

As of today I am forcing the update for the latest version ( of the TeamSpeak client, so you have to update or you won’t be able to connect to the TeamSpeak server. The reason for this is that in the

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License expired again.

Once again the license has expired, sorry for the inconvenience! I’ve contacted TeamSpeak already so I hope it will be back online by this evening. Update: So far no response lets hope it won’t take too long. Update2: The TeamSpeak

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Preparing new TeamSpeak server!

I’ve finally purchased a new server which I’m going to use for several things including the TeamSpeak server. It will require some time to get it ready and installed but I’ll try to finish it by Thursday (June 18) so I

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Create your own Channel

A temporary channel will be automatically deleted when nobody has visited it for 7 days. When you scroll all the way down on the TeamSpeak Server you will find this new Channel in which you can create your own temporary channel.

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TeamSpeak server back Online

The TeamSpeak servers are finally back online since I’ve gotten the new license yesterday. The servers should be stable now and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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