Q: How to use a Privilege Key?
A: Go to “Permissions” > “Use Privilege Key”, enter your key here and press OK. (A Privilege Key can only be used once!)

Q: How do I get member status?
A: Simply right click on yourself, go to Set Server Group and click on Member.

Q: How to keep your Privileges when moving to another computer, formatting your computer or reinstalling TeamSpeak?
A: Go to “Settings” > “Identities” press Export, save it anywhere you want.
On your new TeamSpeak client: Go to “Identities”, Import the Identity and make it your Default.

Q: Why do I get moved to the AFK channel?
A: We have a TeamSpeak Bot running on our TeamSpeak server to keep the channels clean.
This bot moves you to the AFK channel when you enable “Away Status”, when you’re idle for 55 min or when you’re idle for 15 min with a muted headphone.
The bot will automatically move you back to the channel you came from when you disable “Away Status”.

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