Getting attacked for hosting AbsoluteTeamSpeak

Hi guys,

As you know the TeamSpeak server is offline, this is because of a SYN flood DDoS attack. It’s finally kind of clear that the reason for attacking my network is hosting this TeamSpeak server. I’m not sure why someone would attack a free TeamSpeak server which doesn’t make any money, but it doesn’t look like the attacker is gonna explain himself. So in the end I still don’t know exactly why we’re getting attack, just like I don’t know who is attacking.

I first started hosting this AbsoluteTeamSpeak server for AbsoluteLegends but as AbsoluteLegends died I continued hosting it for fun and as part of my hobby. I didn’t advertise this server or anything I just let the people (you guys) take care of it and that seemed to go just fine for many years. I’ve been hosting TeamSpeak for (I think) 8 or 9 years which was TeamSpeak 2 first and never experienced a aggressive act like this before so I’m quite surprised. Hopefully I can somehow continue hosting this big server soon, I’ll see what I can do.

For now there is nothing else I can do than to keep the server offline till the attacker speaks up or we find a way to counter it (which is very unlikely). If you know anything about this attack please use the Contact or Feedback tab to contact me or comment to this message, if you have any other questions or comments feel free to send those too.

Thanks from your TS admin KingHawk, hope to see you again soon!

Part of the actual attack:
SYN flood DDoS attack

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