Preparing new TeamSpeak server!

I’ve finally purchased a new server which I’m going to use for several things including the TeamSpeak server. It will require some time to get it ready and installed but I’ll try to finish it by Thursday (June 18) so I can switch over to the new server on Friday morning (CEST – GMT+2). The switch might cause the server to be offline for 15 to 40 minutes depending on how it goes. So be prepared in case you planned to do something with TeamSpeak this morning, I will try to finish it before 9 am (CEST – GMT+2).

You might have noticed the channels you have created vanished, this is because the server was restarted in preparation of the new server but I will try to not let this happen again with the upcoming server restarts. Next time I’ll prevent this from happening by making the channels Permanent before the restart and afterwards change them back to Temporary channels.

Thanks for your support and understanding, I hope you’ll have a good time using the TeamSpeak server!

Everything was successfully installed and seems to work properly.

Going to improve the situation for the server Sunday morning June 21 before 9am (CEST – GMT+2) so this might cause some down-time.


HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8
HP Proliant MicroServer Gen8

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One comment on “Preparing new TeamSpeak server!
  1. Fomorian says:

    Nice man. Looking forward to see the end result.

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