This TeamSpeak server was originally created for AbsoluteLegends.net and was created around the same time as the website. At this point the server was only for the League of Legends community of AbsoluteLegends. It took a while before AbsoluteLegends changed to supporting all kind of different games and of course everyone was welcome on TeamSpeak.

At the moment AbsoluteLegends made a deal with RaidCall so the TeamSpeak server is no longer with AbsoluteLegends and stands solo now. Now called AbsoluteTeamSpeak will keep the possibility open to reconnect to AbsoluteLegends if something were to happen to RaidCall since I am still with the AbsoluteLegends staff.

I would love to further improve AbsoluteTeamSpeak so feel free to send any ideas or feedback regarding the improvement of AbsoluteTeamSpeak.

Everyone is welcome to use AbsoluteTeamSpeak!

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